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Learn why your refrigerator or air conditioner isn’t cooling properly and how to properly fill your refrigerator or air conditioner’s gas tank. Reasons behind a noisy air conditioner or refrigerator Reasons behind the refrigerator not freezing ice properly, Reasons for water leakage from the refrigerator and AC. Reasons behind the refrigerator not freezing ice properly. Why is my refrigerator full of ice; how do I change the thermostat? Refrigerator and AC Compressor: AC or DC? Which one is better? R134 vs. R600 and R290: which is the best refrigerator gas? R32 and R22: which is the best gas? Copper Coil vs. Aluminum Coil in Air Conditioners. Important guidelines for split AC installation Frost-free vs. open-condenser fridge, air conditioner or fridge spare parts prices, and many more. Read the list of the Best Air conditioners in India.

Refrigeration Pedia

  1. What is Refrigeration?

    Removing Heat, Lowering temperatures in a container like Refrigerators, Defrizer boxes, or Areas like living places, Rooms, and Cold storage with a proper Engineering System called Refrigeration.

  2. What is Refrigeration Cycle?

    The refrigeration Cycle starts at the Compressor and ends in Compressor, the journey of the Refrigerant from the compressor heat pump to the Compressor Receiver is called as Refrigeration Cycle.