About Us

‘Refrigeration Pedia’ was founded by V N Kumar, postgraduate in 2003. At Refrigeration Pedia, we set an aim to provide real information about Refrigerator or Air Conditioner problems. Our posts are targeted to clear doubts about Refrigerator or Air Conditioner units common facing problems. We trying to create a piece of knowledge for Refrigeration and explain new technologies in a very simple way. Our aim here is to educate people in the ‘Refrigeration concepts’ in a logical and simple way to understand Refrigerator or Air Conditioner common facing problems. We try to provide Interactive videos are the answer to that. And we try to keep Refrigeration at the bay in our articles.

Now I am providing Employee related issues also. First, we concentrate on providing Pay Slips info. In future, I am planning to give more info about all employee-related issues.

We are located in Andhra Pradesh, India. We are trying to bring some information about problems, solutions to the people using Refrigerators and Air Conditioners.