AC Remote, Simple test to check AC remote working or not

AC Remote – A simple test to know Air Conditioner remote is working or not, 99% of problems with the remote comes through the sensor and battery errors… A simple test with your smartphone camera will identify the Air Conditioner remote is working or not. First, check the Air Conditioner … Read more

Fridge Compressor Price – Refrigerator DC Compressor & AC Compressor

Fridge Compressor Price, Here Fridge Compressors Price of THK Techomsha and LG Compressors. Refrigerator DC Compressor & AC Compressor prices… A refrigerator is a home appliance found in many households. It is essential in food and drinks preservation using a combination of technical, electrical and mechanical which help avoid food … Read more

Water Leakage from Split Air Conditioner at Home

Water dripping or leakage from inside or outside your air conditioner is caused by several reasons. You will notice that your air conditioner has leakage when you find or spot a collection of water around your air conditioning unit… In case you notice the leakage, the first and immediate thing … Read more

Refrigerator Problems 7 Most Common in Refrigerators Home Fridge

Refrigerator Problems: A refrigerator is one of the luxurious electronic devices that a person will always dream of possessing… Just like any other mechanical or electronic device, it is prone to problems that will need fixing in order for it to operate efficiently. You can easily fix these problems by … Read more

Split AC Fitting, Guidelines split AC installation

AC Fitting near me- To install split AC is essential and a crucial job to do. If the installation is done well and accurately, your air conditioner optimum will automatically give optimum cooling… However, if the installation is not well, you are most likely to miss the best cooling effect … Read more

AC not cooling – Reasons behind Split AC not cooling

Why is AC not cooling properly? The air conditioner is a heat pump that basically absorbs heat from the air and then automatically transfer’s the heat to the outside unit known as the condenser… In case the condenser is dusty or have some debris, there will be no heat disperse thus … Read more