AC not cooling – Reasons behind Split AC not cooling

Why is AC not cooling properly? The air conditioner is a heat pump that basically absorbs heat from the air and then automatically transfer’s the heat to the outside unit known as the condenser… In case the condenser is dusty or has some debris, there will be no heat disperses thus … Read more

Which one is better AC compressor? Reciprocating or Rotary

AC Compressor Price, The Rotary and the reciprocating AC compressor are both components of gas transfer systems. Both of them serve the same purpose which is to bring gas into the system… They exhale, exhaust and then repeat the same process. The reciprocating and the rotary AC compressors manage to … Read more

Split AC service at Home, How to Clean Split Air Conditioner

How to Clean Split Air Conditioner, Read Split AC service at Home, Sometimes you may wonder why it’s important to have your AC serviced regularly. Everything requires care and maintenance to give you longer service… If not taken good care of, the chances of service it breaking down are very … Read more

Refrigerator Parts Accessories Refrigerator Types

Refrigerator Parts Accessories, Technological advancements in the home appliances field have brought numerous discoveries such as the refrigerator. Refrigerator Types… Once considered a luxury, the refrigerator is one of the must-have home appliances. Thanks to the changing economic times in India and different countries in the world. With good economic … Read more

Fridge Repair – Refrigerator Freezer Not Freezing ice

Fridge Repair near me – Fridge Freezer Not Freezing ice properly: The refrigerator is assembled with different parts. These accessories work together and they need each other for effective operation… In case one of its parts has a defect or a default, it will affect the proper functioning of the … Read more