AP Registrations CC Search Online Certified Copy of a Registered Document

AP Registrations CC Search Get an Online Certified Copy of a Registered Document of AP Registrations, Download Duplicate copy of Registered Document, Download Online Certified Copy of a Registered Document in AP…

Do you know, How to obtain a certified copy of a registered document at the AP Registrations web portal? There is an answer for you. Nowadays AP Stamps & Registration department provide a Certified Copy of a Registered Document. It’s through the registration.ap.gov.in web portal.

Recently, The Stamps and Registrations department of AP enables a new feature. Downloading the Online Certified Copy of the AP Registered Document is now possible.

Online Certified Copy

AP Stamps and Registrations department provide to any citizen may obtain a certified copy. This certified copy is related to the registered deed document relating to his immovable property. But the online Certified copy of the registered will may be obtained only by the testator only during his lifetime. Any citizen may get a copy. Copy of will after the death of the testator on the production of the testator death certificate.

The department also provides copies of a registered deed of GPA and other documents. This relating to movable properties may be obtained by executant/claimant or agent. The representative of such individual persons only also get. An Affidavit on stamp paper of Rs.20 is required to be produced. The fee of Rs.100 as user charges is also needed.

Now the certified copies of a Registered Document can be obtained through AP Online and AP Meeseva points. Shortly Grama Sachivalayams also in many districts of AP.

AP Registrations CC Search

How to Download the Online Certified Copy of a Registered Document in AP?

To get Deed duplicate copy of the Registered Document in PDF format,

  • First, log on to http://registration.ap.gov.in/.
  • Then, Select go to New Initiatives.
  • Then, find out the Online CC link.
  • On that page enter the Document number and SRO location to the pdf copy of your document.

If you don’t know the DEED document number, just got this information through Encumbrance Search (EC).

AP Registrations CC Search Information required to get EC or CC?

For Online CCFor Encumbrance Search (EC)
District House No, district
Document Number, year Survey No, Revenue Village
SRO LocationSRO Location
AP Registrations CC Search
  1. What is the Online Certified Copy of a Registered Document?

    Scand copy of the registered document uploads in AP Registration department servers

  2. How can I get an Online Certified Copy of a Registered Document?

    By entering the Document number, year and SRO location anybody can get.

  3. Online Certified Copy of a Registered Document is legal?

    For reference purpose to useful executant/claimant only.

  4. Some pages are missing in my Online Certified Copy. Why?

    It is not a problem, sometimes it happens, it's only for reference purposes.

  5. What is the purpose of Online Certified Copy?

    To save time, Download and referring or identifying from government websites saves more time in transactions.