How to Change Your Mobile Number in Your ICICI Bank Account

Change Mobile Number in ICICI Bank Account: Truth be told; you may not use the same mobile number for the rest of your life. If at all you change it, you must also do the same with your bank.  Account-holders with ICICI bank have also not been left behind in this regard since they are required to share the latest mobile number with the bank.

The good news is that you can perform this action without going through a lot. This guide will take you through some of the most notable ways to change your mobile number in your ICICI bank account.

Change Mobile Number in ICICI Account by Using ATM

  • Visit the nearest ICICI ATM machine and remember to bring your ATM card/debit card/credit card
  • Insert the card into the machine before keying in your PIN
  • Next, you will have to select the ‘More Services’ option from the main menu
  • Now tap on the ‘Register Mobile Number’ option
  • Correctly enter the ‘New Mobile Number’ using the ATM keypad and select the ‘Yes’ option
  • Re-enter the New Mobile Number and select the ‘Yes’ option
  • Your request for updating of mobile number is now accepted and will be processed within 2 working days

Method 2: Visiting Bank Branch

  • Visit the bank branch and ask for the KYC form or mobile number change form
  • Fill in all the mandatory details correctly including account number, new mobile number, and reason to change mobile number
  • Sign the form with the signature registered in the bank
  • You’ll then have to submit the duly filled form to the corresponding executive before you are issued with the acknowledgment receipt
  • Your mobile number will be updated within 7 working days
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By using any of the above-given methods, you’ll definitely have an easy time whenever you want to change or register your mobile number in your ICICI bank account.

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