How to Get Corporation Bank Mini Statement by Missed Call

Get Corporation Bank Mini Statement through Mobile Banking and Steps to Get Corporation Bank Statement by Missed Call…

Checking your Corporation Bank mini statement is now a walk in the park since you can complete the process online from the comfort of your home. This action goes a long way in saving you from the stress that comes with visiting your bank branch. But what if you’re not connected to the internet?

Corporation Bank Mini Statement

You can take advantage of the bank’s SMS Banking and Missed Call banking services in this case. Using these methods, you can easily check your account balance, mini statement, transfer money and many more.  Today we will share the simple steps to follow when checking bank mini statement by missed call.

Corporation Bank Mobile Banking Registration

First things first, you need to complete Corporation Bank Mobile Banking. To complete the process hassle-free, follow the simple steps below;

  • Visit the bank and fill up the SMS banking registration form.
  • You’ll receive your four-digit MPIN within 2 days.
  • Next, activate the PULL SMS service using the MPIN received and account number. All you have to do is send ACT  ‘Four-digit MPIN’ ‘Last six digits of your account number’ to 9243717778.
  • You will receive a message notifying you that you’ve registered for SMS Banking successfully.
  • Follow the steps issued in the SMS to activate the PULL service.

Steps to Get Corporation Bank Statement by Missed Call

  • Using the phone with your registered mobile number inserted, open the dial pad and dial 09289792897.
  • Wait for the call to get connected and follow the IVRS instructions.
  • Finally, press the button corresponding to the mini statement option. You’ll then get the SMS containing the last three transactions of your account.
Bank Mini Statement

Hopefully, these simple steps will come in handy the next time you decide to get your Corporation bank mini statement by missed call.