Ekosh UK Pay slip 2022 Download IFMS Uttarakhand Employee Salary Slip

Uttarakhand Employee Salary Slip Online, Ekosh UK Pay Slip 2022 Download: How to Download UK Employee IFMS Payslip at http://ekosh.uk.gov.in portal…

More and more state governments in India are now leveraging technology, the internet to be precise when offering services to citizens. Uttarakhand has also not been left behind in this regard as they’ve now joined the digital bandwagon. 

Ekosh UK Pay Slip

One such portal is the renowned Ekosh UK Payslip website from which government employees can access every piece of information they may need regarding salary slips, leave, allowances, and tax deductions to name a few.  Everything on this website is under the surveillance of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) making it easy for employees to find what they need.

If you have no idea what it takes to download IFMS Uttarakhand employee salary slip, then you’re just in the right place.

Ekosh UK Payslip

Ekosh UK Payslip Login Requirements

The IFMS web portal comes in handy for UK government employees considering they can easily access monthly details touching on income, tax, salaries, and instalments deduction. Better, UK treasury employee pensioners can also use the site to check their Ekosh UK Payslip details.  For you to have an easy ride, then you need to have the following details in place:

  • IFMS UK login password.
  • Ekosh UK user ID or employee code/Aadhaar number.

Be sure to register and create an account before accessing the Ekosh payslip website. Below is a step by step by step guide on how to download IFMS Uttarakhand employee salary slip online hassle-free.

Step by Step Guide to Download Ekosh Pay Slip Online

  • First things first, visit the official IFMS website using http://ekosh.uk.gov.in/as the URL.
  • Once you access the homepage of the portal, click on the ‘Login to CTS’ option that can be seen clearly on the left bottom side of the page.
  • On the new page that appears, type in your Login ID correctly i.e. RMN/Employee code or your Aadhaar number.
  • Now enter your IFMS UK login password.
  • Enter the Captcha code as it appears in the image after which you can click on the ‘Login’ button. If you cannot see the Captcha code clearly, simply request a new one.
  • You’ve finally logged in to your IFMS UK account and can see the Ekosh UK payslip profile.
  • To download the payslip, you’ll first have to click on the ‘Payslip Option’ and choose the month for which you want the slip, and wait until it loads.
  • Finally, click on the ‘download’ option to download the payslip in PDF format. You can also print it for future reference.

There you have it, a simple step-by-step guide to download your IFMS Uttarakhand employee salary slip 2022.

For those who cannot recall their password, it’s possible to recover it.  All you have to do is visit the official website of IFMS UK and click on the ‘CTS login’ option as mentioned above.  Rather than proceeding with the login process, select the “Forgot/Unlock Password’ option, and correctly fill in the details as they appear on the new page.

Once you fill everything in, click on the “Get OTP” option and it will be sent to your shared registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and finally reset or recover your IFMS UK password. It is then that you can access your account and download the Ekosh UK Pay Slip hassle-free.

  1. What is the ekosh UK?

    ekosh is the short name of the IFMS Uttarakhand run through the ekosh.uk.gov.in web portal.

  2. Where you can get the Ekosh UK payslip Download?

    You can download the Ekosh UK payslip Download at the cts.uk.gov.in portal.

  3. What is UK CTS?

    CTS – Core Treasury IFMS System. CTS is used to generate UK Employee Salary Slip at cts.uk.gov.in.