How to Generate SBI ATM PIN by SMS

Generate SBI ATM PIN: In its quest to attain customer satisfaction at all times, SBI offers a facility that allows account holders to create their SBI ATM card PIN via SMS.  This personal identification number proves beneficial as it secures SBI account holders from unauthorized transactions. That’s possible since you have to enter the unique 4-digit SBI PIN before carrying out online transactions.

Generate SBI ATM PINs by SMS

For you to receive an SBI ATM PIN by SMS, you need to have a registered mobile number, a balance to send SMS, an SBI ATM Card’s last four digits and the last four digits of your SBI account number.  Provided you fulfil these conditions, you can get your ATM Card PIN without the hassle. Below are the simple SBI green PIN generation steps to follow;

  • Using your registered mobile number, open the SMS app to create a new PIN.
  • To pull this off successfully, type in your PIN<space> last four digits of the SBI ATM Card<space> last four digits of your SBI account number.
  • Once you type the SMS using the above-given format, you will have to send it to 567676.
  • You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) within 5 seconds that you can use within 2 days for the SBI PIN generation process at the nearest SBI ATM.
  • When you visit the nearest SBI ATM, you have to insert your ATM card into the machine.
  •  Select the ‘Enter PIN’ option on the main menu.
  • Now correctly key in the PIN received over SMS.
  • Click on the ‘PIN Change’ option and enter the new PIN of choice.
  • Confirm the NEW PIN, and you’re good to go. It is then that you will have completed your SBI Debit card PIN generation process without the hassle.
Generate SBI ATM PIN

By generating your SBI ATM PIN by SMS, you will definitely save yourself big time.