How to Block Lost SBI ATM Card?

Block Lost SBI ATM Card methods Through Internet Banking and By Calling Customer Care…

State Bank of India is one of the major banking organizations in the country customers in billions. Sometimes, when customers accidentally lose their SBI ATM Card, they need to block the card. If the card gets stolen or lost and ends up in the wrong hands they need to block it within the shortest time possible. It prevents unauthorized access to their card.

The State Bank of India shows different methods to block lost or misplaced customer ATM Card. This post will give the different types of methods for SBI customers to Block ATM Card immediately.

Block Lost SBI ATM Card

Block Lost SBI ATM Card through Internet Banking 

  • Visit the State Bank of India internet banking portal on the web – 
  • login to your account, and next select the ‘eServices’.
  • On the eServices select ‘ATM Card Services. 
  • It will open on the next page choose the ‘Block ATM Card’ option.
  • Choose the right bank account and click on ‘Continue’.
  • Now it shows a list of Active ATM Cards and selects the lost card to deactivate. 
  • Choose the right reason for blocking the card and ‘Submit’ it.
  • Confirm decision by authenticating OTP or Profile Password.

The above steps to follow Block ATM Card through SBI Internet Banking method.

Lost ATM Card blocking By Calling Customer Care 

  • Dial 1800 425 3800 with the customer’s registered mobile number with the account.
  • Select the language you know, and next, Press ‘0’ to block the ATM Card.
  • Keep details like Date of Birth, Full Name, and Home Address to answer the customer care Executive.
  • After details verification, the ATMcard will be blocked instantly.

The above steps to follow Lost ATM Card blocking By Calling Customer Care method.