How to Change Your Registered Mobile Number in Yes Bank

Yes Bank offers a wide range of services in an attempt to guarantee customer satisfaction. One such service entails the changing of your mobile number registered with the bank online. Rather than visiting the branch to change your new number, you can simply use the ATM machine or Internet banking facility

The good news is that both of these methods are never going to waste your valuable time. Below are the simple steps to follow and change your registered mobile number in Yes Bank.

Change the Registered Mobile Number in Yes Bank

Method 1: Visiting Yes Bank ATM Machine

  • First things first, visit the nearest Yes Bank ATM machine and insert your card
  • From the main menu, select the ‘Registration’ option
  • Correctly enter your ATM PIN to verify the card
  • Next, select the ‘Mobile Number Registration’ option
  • Now select the ‘Change Mobile Number’ option
  • Enter your new mobile number after which an OTP and Reference Number will be sent to both your new and old mobile number
  • Send this SMS Activate (OTP Code) Reference Code to 567676 from both mobile numbers. Ensure you send the message within 4 hours of receiving it
  • You’ve now successfully changed your  mobile number with Yes Bank online through an ATM

In Conclusion

Your mobile number plays a vital role when having an account with Yes Bank, or any other bank for that matter.  That is why you need to change it as soon as you have a new one to avoid missing out on the numerous benefits destined to come your way. Keep in mind you won’t be able to register a new mobile number in Yes Bank using the above method if your old one gets lost.  Instead, you need to visit your Yes Bank and get the help you need to change your mobile number.

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