How to know the order status of Herbalife nutrition products?

Are you waiting for the Herbalife product Home delivery? Check your Herbalife nutrition product Home delivery status through the order tracking number at…

Hai Herbalife Nutrition prefered Customers, are you checking for Herbalife nutrition products’ Home delivery status? If yes, that means you are also my family member in Herbalife. I am also Using these good products for so many years.

Herbalife nutrition products Home delivery status

To check the ordered products’ Home delivery status, first, you need to follow the below simple steps. Normally products’ home delivery will be completed in 3-4 days depending on your location. In Metro, city delivery takes just 1-2 days time. If we order more than 100 volume points company provides free home delivery. So keep this in mind put more than 100 volume points to get products free delivery.

Order Status Of Herbalife

Order Status Of Herbalife

Ok, comes to the point to know the status of Herbalife products’ home delivery you need to follow the below simple steps.

  • First login to your profile at
  • Nowadays login needs a verification code. So keep a registered mobile phone in your hand.
  • After login goes to the profile drop-down menu.
  • Select “Order History”.
  • Select the Order number next, normally it’s available with a clickable link.
  • Every successful order shows a tracking number after 6-8 working hours.
  • Then, Click on the tracking number.
  • It will be open on a new page that shows the complete status of all information.

Products Home delivery needs proper planning. You need to put your order 1 week before your tin gets empty. If you need the product very urgently, I suggest Pick up is the best option. But everything depends on o your location. I pick up point at your reachable distance select pick up option. Keep reading my next posts, I will give more information about Herbalife. Thanks for reading Order Status Of Herbalife.

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