LG Fridge Spare parts price list in India

The Ultimate Guide to LG Fridge Spare Parts: Find the Best Price in India

Are you in search of genuine spare parts for your LG fridge? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll help you find the best price for LG fridge spare parts in India. LG is a trusted brand known for its high-quality refrigerators that provide reliable cooling and durability. However, over time, certain parts of your LG fridge may wear out or require replacement.

Importance of using genuine LG fridge spare parts

When that happens, it’s essential to choose genuine spare parts to ensure optimum performance and enhance the lifespan of your appliance. Finding the right spare part at the best price can be a daunting task, with numerous sellers and options available in the market. But worry not! Our guide will simplify the process for you by highlighting reputable sellers, comparing prices, and explaining how to identify genuine LG spare parts.

Whether you need a replacement compressor, thermostat, door seal, or any other spare part, we’ve got you covered. By the end of this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision and find the best price for LG fridge spare parts in India.

Common LG fridge spare parts and their functions

LG Refrigerator price list – LG single-door Fridge Refrigerator Spare Parts Prices

  • LG All size Freezer door – 350/-
  • Ice all type cube trays – 120/-
  • LG all size Chiller tray – 650/-
  • LG all-type Bottle trays – 250
  • LG normal Egg trays – 180/-
  • LG bottom Vegetable trays – 850/-
  • LG Fridge vegetable tray cover plate – 300/-
  • Partition Iron white meshes – 120/-
  • Drain water sink try- 30/-
  • LG Drain white water tub – 180/-
  • LG Freezer all size chamber 900/-
  • Heat condenser – 450/-
  • LG Fridge Compressor – from 3300/- Inverter model – 5500/-
  • LG Fridge Compressor Relay set, PCTR – 350/-
  • Door switch – 60/-
  • Fridge LED light and light holder – 170/-
  • LG New Thermostat – 450/-

LG double door Fridge Spare Parts Prices – LG Refrigerator spare parts online

  • LG Freezer chamber(old)- 1150/-
  • New Cool condenser -1550/-
  • LG new Fan motor, Fan blade – 850/-
  • Heater -450/-
  • LG new FF timer 3+1 – 750/-
  • LG Biometal and fuse – 350/-
  • LG Fridge Compressor – from 3500/- to 4500/-
  • LG Fridge Compressor Relay set -350/-
  • Door switch new – 50/-
  • Fridge LED light and light holder – 170/-
  • LG Thermostat – 450/-
  • LG refrigerator vegetable tray- 550

How to identify the right LG fridge spare part for your model? Where to buy LG fridge spare parts in India? Factors to consider when purchasing LG fridge spare parts, Tips for maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of LG fridges. Comparison of prices for LG fridge spare parts in different online stores. Reviews and recommendations for reliable sellers of LG fridge spare parts in India.

Conclusion: Finding the best price for LG fridge spare parts in India.

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