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Check MIS Portal Haryana for Saksham Haryana Education Portal DSE Login, Schools & Teacher Login, and New Applicants Login for admission 2024 registration at http://hryedumis.gov.in…

The government of Haryana recently launched a management information system in the education sector. It is known as the MIS Maintenance Haryana Education Portal DSE Login, Schools & Teacher Login, and New Applicants Login for admission registration.

MIS Portal

MIS Haryana is also known as the Saksham Haryana Education Portal. Completely operate online. New admissions parents’ sign-up registration is one of the major functions done by this portal. All education officers, teaching staff, and enrolled students are to access all services of the MIS Portal.

In this post, you will read details about MIS Haryana and the process of signing up and logging in to the website.

MIS Portal Haryana

ArticleMIS Haryana Portal login
State Haryana, India
DepartmentDepartment of Education, The government of Haryana
Official websitehttp://hryedumis.gov.in
mis portal Haryana

Saksham Haryana Education Portal

Saksham Haryana Education Portal provides access to the following services by logging in for Students and employees.

  • MIS: Management Information System of Admissions and Student Performance.
  • ACM is the academic monitoring system for all students and School functions.
  • Student Assessment Test Portal and Dashboard for each and every student.

MIS Portal Login

All Enrolled Schools and Employees Loginhttp://emp.hryedumis.gov.in/edumissemployee/
Online Applicants login and Admin Loginhttp://cas.hryedumis.gov.in/casdb-1.0.2/login
Statistics and Reports of all Government and Private Schoolshttp://hryedumis.gov.in/statistics-and-reports/
Haryana DSE official pagehttp://schooleducationharyana.gov.in/
mis portal login links

MIS Portal Haryana DSE Login page

MIS, in its full form, is Management Information Systems. As we read above, all registered schools, employees, and teachers log in to the MIS Portal. Registered students and teachers can log in to the portal by using their Username and password received at the time of registration by following the following procedure:

  • Open the MIS Haryana official website page http://hryedumis.gov.in.
  • Select Schools and Employees Login at the left side of the page on desktops.
  • Enter your username & password and submit.
  • You can directly select the following link http://emp.hryedumis.gov.in/edumissemployee/ to log in.
  • Enter the username and password and submit them without delay using the home page.

Online Applicants Login and Admin Login

As mentioned above, the Online Applicants for signup online login and Admin Login links are available on the home page. After registration, new applicants get the password to log in. A printout of the online application is needed to submit it to the school selected in the application. After school admission is completed, students also get a student login. All DSE officials know how to log in to the admin login. So there is no need to discuss it again.

mis portal
mis portal

Reset Procedure of Forgot Password of MIS Portal

The forgot password link is available on every login page. But the important thing in this reset process is you should know the username. If you don’t know your username, you can reset your MIS Portal password. So before resetting the password, you should keep your username, Registered Mobile number, and Email ID active to generate a new password.

  • On the MIS Password Reset page, enter your Username first.
  • Select the Proceed button. You will get an OTP to your Email ID and mobile number.
  • Enter both codes in the column given, and then generate a new password.

MIS portal Haryana Saksham Education direct link: https://hryedumis.gov.in/.

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