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With the world going digital, you can access almost every service you need from the comfort of your home. As long as you have a smartphone, tablet, or Personal Computer (PC), then the service you need is only a button click away. To ensure you have a remarkable experience, many organizations and institutions are now making use of mobile apps.

PM Kisan Mobile App Download

The Government of India has also not been left behind in this regard since they are now making use of mobile apps to ensure citizens get everything they need hassle.-free. Beneficiaries of the PM Kisan scheme are amongst those who have a reason to smile thanks to the introduction of the PM Kisan Mobile App.

To give you an insight into what we are talking about,  the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is a scheme specifically set aside for farmers.  Through this scheme,  eligible farmers receive Rs. 6,000 every year issued in three equal instalments.  Whereas you can access everything you need about the scheme online at the official website of PM Kisan, you may also leverage the mobile app.

Actually, the PM Kisan Mobile App has all the features and facilities available on the PM Kisan official website. All it takes is for you to download and install the mobile app before you can finally use it.

How to Download PM Kisan Mobile App

Downloading the PM Kisan Mobile App is a walk in the park provided you understand what’s expected.  Fortunately, we are here to offer a helping hand and ease things up for you.  Below are the simple steps to follow when looking forward to downloading the PM Kisan Mobile App;

  • Open the Play Store application on your mobile phone.
  • On the search tab of this application, you will have to type in ‘PM Kisan Mobile App’ before initiating a search.
  • The requested mobile app will display on the screen of your smartphone. Click on the ‘Download’ option to start the download process.
  • Wait for the app to complete downloading after which you should click on the ‘Install’ button to install it. You will then have successfully downloaded and installed the PM Kisan Mobile App.

To enjoy what the app offers, you only have to open it and click on the service you want.  For those who would like to check PM Kisan status using the mobile app, then you have to open PM Kisan Beneficiary List and click on the ‘Beneficiary Status’ ( PM Kisan Status)option.  Choose the ID type i.e. Aadhaar Number, Mobile Number or Account Number after which you should enter the Captcha Code correctly.  Finally, click on the ‘Get Details’ option and your PM Kisan beneficiary status will display on eh screen.

PM Kisan Mobile App Download

PM Kisan App Download

By downloading and installing the PM Kisan Mobile App, you don’t have to make do with endless trips to the relevant offices to access the information you need.  Instead, you can simply open the PM Kisan app on your phone and search for the details you need at any time of the day.