AC Gas Price R32a Gas VS R410a Gas and R22a Gas

AC Gas Price – Choosing the best AC gas is a difficult one. A refrigerant is a liquid or fluid gas that is put or used in the air conditioning systems and refrigerators…

Read AC Gas Price in India. The refrigerant fluid is very crucial since without it air conditioners, refrigerators or any other freezing technology cannot be possible. The AC contains the refrigerant inside the condenser coils. Its major function or purpose is to absorb the heat from the room leaving the hot air out in the environment. The refrigerant undergoes a certain stage as it absorbs heat it changes from liquid to gas. The technology is high since it transits or transforms back into liquid immediately when the compressor compresses.

AC Gas Name & AC Gas Price

There are several types of AC refrigerant gas like R22, R410 and R32. Let’s look at the most common gas used in the AC and compare which could be the best for your use. This will be noticed when we highlight the advantages of each gas.

r22 ac coolant

The R22 known as Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)

This is the most common refrigerant that is commonly used in air conditioners. The R22 is the refrigerant that is used by most users of air conditioners. The R22 is better than CFCs. However, the gas is harmful to the environment and also has a depletion of the ozone.

The R22 gas will usually be phased out within 5 years. Before you purchase an AC or refrigerator, it’s very important to have a look and check the exterior components of the gas and if R22 is mentioned in it, it will be advisable to drop it since R22 is harmful to the environment.

HFCs(R-410A, R32) Hydro fluorocarbons


This type of gas is better than HCFs. They do not deplete the ozone layer but they still have the capability for global warming. When it comes to global warming, the R34 is better than the R410A. These gases are not friendly to the environment too. However, they are better compared to R22.

The R32 refrigerant has three times lower GWP and is also more energy-efficient as compared to R410A.

Most well-established companies such as Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Panasonic and Toshiba are opting to use the R32 refrigerants in their AC conditioners.

The difference between R22a and R410A refrigerant.

When you decide to choose the air conditioning unit, you will be required to put into consideration a few aspects one of it is will be the type of refrigerant it uses. The main ones will be -22 and R-410A which are also known as Freon and Puron respectively. Both types of refrigerants are not interchangeable within a system. So it’s important to be careful while choosing and ensure that you choose the correct one before you buy the system. The two refrigerants have two major differences as discussed below.

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R22a properties

This type of gas is commonly referred to as Freon. This type of gas is basically among the top brands. The R22 is no longer used for the installation of the new AC system as before.

The gas was discontinued after being listed among the listed hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC). Gas is a contributor to ozone depletion. Therefore it’s very clear that in case you have a new system you will not use Freon or R22. This is because it’s very harmful to the environment.

R-410A properties

The gas is often referred to as Puron as the main and the common brand name that is associated with this type of refrigerant. It is hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) and it doesn’t hurt the ozone layer.  Therefore, the gas is permitted for the new residential air conditioners and it’s almost becoming the standard gas in the U.S. almost all the new air conditioning units automatically use R-410A.

However, it’s important to check before making a final purchase. In case you are using an older unit, it’s advisable to check and confirm if it’s using the R-22 or R-410A. The gas is permitted for the new residential air conditioners and it’s almost becoming the standard gas all over. Almost all the new air conditioning units automatically use R-410A

AC Gas Price Difference in performance r32 vs r410a

Besides R-410 proving to be better in the ozone layer, the gas is well known for providing a better overall operation. The gas eventually absorbs and releases the heat better than R-22.this helps the compressor to run cooler and prevents overheating. In addition to that, it works at a higher pressure.

This enables the compressors in the unit to handle more stress hardening it and preventing it from easier breakage s developing cracks. The systems that use R-410 also use synthetic oil for lubrication, unlike the R-22 systems that use mineral oil. Synthetic oil is more soluble, this makes the whole system more efficient and very effective. Therefore we can conclude that the R-410 works better and more efficiently than the R-22 and it has more efficient systems.

Dry charging

Some companies have not given up thus moving ahead and coming up with new systems enable them to continue using R-22 in the new systems. They have come up with new ways of producing dry charging units. This unit doesn’t have the refrigerant installed at the factory. Thus, you will have to engage a technician to charge the unit at home. The dry charge unit is not long-lasting.

When it comes to decision-making between the Freon and Puron, always ensure you get the one that has R-410A for a better of the two and efficient systems that are also helpful to the environment.

R-32a refrigerant

The R32 has one-third of the (GWP). The gas is easier to reuse and recycle too. The R32 is mildly flammable. It has a very low concentration with no possibility of combustion. The handling and installation of R32 gas require a specialist who is F-Gas fully certified. Most people think  R32 is the best AC gas.

AC Gas Name and Price in India

  1. R 22 Gas price – 1150  1000g.
  2. R410 Gas price – 950 1000g.
  3. R32 Gas Price – 950 1000g.

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  1. Is it possible to Flush an R22 Freon coolant system and then continue with R410 Puron Coolent

    • r410 , r32… is highly flammable.

      Now you have asked if flushing the mineral oil and adding sync. Oil to use hfc in hcfc compressor…
      My suggestion is DoNot try this.. COPRESSOR MAY EXPLODE within seconds.
      Check on YT you will be scared to see the outcome.
      Never-ever mix hfc and hcfc gas or compressor.

      Don’t be a fool stick to old unit. You will thank me later. Something new is coming in 2025 to replace these.
      R410a is going to phase out by 2022 and r32 by 2025.

      Ps: r22 is the best in my opinion.
      If you don’t know what your doing please hire a professional because these new refrigerants are disaster. one silly mistake and boom… And thats a massive boom…
      You and nearby people will feel lucky if found alive after that massive boom.

  2. Sir I’m rehan why r22 r 32 is used in ac for cooling.what type of process we r doing gas charge in ac

    • R22 is the best gas when compare to R 32 and R 410a. R 22 give more cooling power in less amount Many people prefer R 22 because .if we got any repairs means we can find many technichans and it is less cost


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