Ramayapatnam Airport instead of Dagadarthi Airport

The Dagadarthi Airport proposals are shelved, and now new Ramayapatnam Airport proposals near Chevuru Lands begin…

The government of Andhra Pradesh should speed up the process of land allotments near Chevuru, Mocherla, and Potluru for Ramayapatnam Airport. We all know the Nellore airport near Dagadarthi was proposed 10 years ago. Up until three months ago, everything was in place for airport work. DPR, the Land acquisition process moves at some pace. Everyone in the Nellore district believes that the airport near Dagadarthi will be built slowly but surely in the near future.

Ramayapatnam Airport

In July, the AP CM came to the Ramayapatnam port works inauguration, and local representatives put new proposals before the CM. After making fast moves, AP officials start to think about new proposals and opinions that are good for both districts. They check the primary steps of land availability and feasibility. AP Government is already planning for an Industrial park in this area as part of port-led development.

Ramayapatnam Airport

They find a forest of 2066 acres of land near Chevuru, Mocherla, and Potluru for the new Airport. They are planning for NH 16 on the east side of the Seaport and the west side of the airport. The process will be completed in the next two months. DPR of Ramayapatnam GreenfiAirportport will be prepared by APUIDC soon.

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