How to Recover IDBI Customer ID without Visiting the Bank

Recover IDBI Customer ID, Know your IDBI Customer ID Using Your Passbook, Cheque Book, Bank Statement, or Welcome Letter without visiting the Bank. Know your IDBI Customer ID

IDBI Bank offers customers numerous opportunities related to banking services. Among the most highly beneficial services introduced is Customer ID.  Also known as the CIF Number, the Customer ID contains all the important banking details of the respective account holder.

If you have no idea how to find your IDBI Customer ID, there is nothing to worry about since you’ve come to the right place.  In this guide, we will take you through the different ways to get the Customer ID in IDBI Bank.

Recover IDBI Customer ID Using Your Passbook

When you open an account with IDBI Bank, you’ll be issued a bank account passbook. The passbook has all the transactions recorded.  All you have to do is open the front page of your passbook to check your Customer ID.

From Cheque Book

If at all you happen to forget your Customer ID, then you can leverage the Cheque Book to check it out.  After opening an account with the bank, you’ll be issued a welcome kit that contains the Cheque Book and other documents.  Open the Cheque Book to see the printed Customer ID.

Bank Statement

For those who do not have their Cheque Book or Passbook, then you can download your bank statement online at the IDBI Netbanking website. Once you download the bank statement, check at the top to see your Customer ID.

Welcome Letter

The welcome letter issued to you after opening an account with the bank will also come in handy whenever you want to get your Customer ID. Open the Welcome Letter and confirm your Customer ID from the document.

Recover IDBI Customer ID

Recover IDBI Customer ID

Checking your IDBI Customer ID does not mean visiting your bank branch. Even though it is still applicable, following this route is only going to eat much of your time. Be sure to use any of the methods given above to get your Customer ID without moving a muscle.