Refrigerator Fridge care in Winter, Important Thinks to Remember

Refrigerator Care in Winter! Nowadays, refrigerators are an essential item in every home. They help to keep drinks, fruits, medicines, vegetables and other food products fresh.

We use refrigerators to store leftovers. Follow the below important things for refrigerator care in winter. No need to think about your refrigerator’s capacity or brand. People commonly use multi-door refrigerators, simple single-door refrigerators, or double-door refrigerators according to their family’s needs.

Ice in refrigerator freezer chamber

Refrigerator care in Winter

If you are using single-door refrigerators, they are compact and fit any kitchen because they take up less space. Direct-cool refrigerators are energy-efficient and compact and come with an auto-defrost option. Your Frost Free and Double Door Refrigerator models help you to organize food items as per your cooling needs. Side-by-side and multi-door refrigerators have enormous storage space and contain more shelves, racks, and additional compartments.

Refrigerator care:

  1. Check Temperature use Winter mode or Low cool mode: check the thermostat to adjust temperatures in the winter season. It saves your money and food items too. Most refrigerators show winter mode on the thermostat knob and some of them show in numbers.
Refrigerator temperature control knob

Check the drain on the water tub to avoid water overflow. Sometimes the drain water pipes are also filled with ice. So keep an eye on drain water coming or not and drain water levels. Check freezer chamber ice. Faulty thermostats or sensors cause ice in the freezer chamber. Check and replace quickly to avoid too much ice in the refrigerator. Too much ice frosting on the freezer means faulty parts need to be replaced in the refrigerator. Use the defrost button to clear the ice. Don’t use sharp metals and forks to clear the ice in the refrigerator. Knives, forks, and sharp items damage your refrigerator evaporator. It causes refrigerant gas leakage. Sometimes cause refrigerator compressor failure also.

Refrigerator drain water tub

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