How to Register Mobile Number with Canara Bank Account

Register Mobile Number with Canara Bank: Registering your mobile number with Canara Bank, or any other bank for that matter is something you should never skimp on. After all, it serves as the perfect way to guarantee your security when using their internet banking facility. Furthermore, you cannot avail of a host of services offered by the bank if your mobile number is not registered.  In this guide, we will show you how to register your mobile number with a Canara bank account.

Register Mobile Number with Canara Bank Account

Using ATM

To use this method, ensure you have an ATM Card or Debit Card PIN.  With these two in place, follow the steps given below to get your mobile number registered in Canara bank;

  • Visit the nearest ATM machine of Canara bank and insert your ATM card
  • Correctly enter your ATM pin after which you should select ‘Main Menu’
  • From the new screen, select ‘Register Mobile Number’
  • Enter your mobile number using the keypad
  • Enter the OTP sent on your mobile number and select the ‘Confirm’ option
  • Your mobile number will then be linked to the account in a few hours
  • You will receive a confirmation message on your mobile number once it is registered

Filling Form in the Branch

  • Go to your Canara Bank home branch and ask for a mobile number registration form
  • Correctly fill in all the required information in the form
  • From the provided options, tick mark on ‘Change Mobile Number and Update My New Mobile Number’
  • Enter the new mobile number you want to register with the bank
  • Attach your ID proof photocopy with the form and remember to sign the form
  • Next, submit the duly filled form to the executive
  • Your mobile number will be registered with your Canara bank account within 2 working days
Online Bank

You can register your mobile number in Canara Bank by following any of the above-given methods.

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