AC Remote, Simple test to check AC remote is working or not

AC Remote: A simple test to know if the AC remote is working or not, 99% of problems with the remote come through sensor and battery errors.

A simple test with your smartphone camera will identify whether the Air Conditioner remote is working or not. First, check the Air Conditioner remotes with the help of your smartphone. Follow the Simple test in the below video to check if the AC remote is working or not.

A simple test to check the AC remote:

Like in the above video, the phone camera catches the flash that appears (infrared light) in the remote sensor at 90%, indicating the remote infrared diode is working correctly. No flash in the sensor means we need to investigate the remote battery panel more.

Note: 1. A remote display showing digits, but no signal from infrared light means an infrared diode problem. Replacement of the infrared diode is mostly the solution.

2. There is no display, but flashing an infrared diode means it is a remote display board problem. If both agree, buying a new one is the best solution.

Dead batteries or rusted battery panel

AC remote battery panel
Air Conditioner Remote battery panel

The irregular function of the remote is due to many causes, like a dried button pad, a low battery, and remote board problems. Sometimes dead batteries or a rusted battery panel are also caused by the remote not working.

If both conditions do not find a solution, you should contact the company service station for more assistance.

The basic function of Air Conditioner remotes

From an Air Conditioner remote, what do you expect?

1. On/off function of unit: by the press, this button, the AC unit will be turned on, press it another time, and the Air Conditioner unit will be turned off.

2. Mode: Auto, Cool, Dry, Fan, and Heat modes can be selected as functions.

3. Temperature up and down buttons.

4. fan speed control to select Auto, Low, Middle, and High speeds of the indoor fan.

5. swing blade controls to set up a swing angle

6. on/off timer

7. child lock

8. Turbo cool

Basic Air Conditioner remotes

Nowadays, new Voltas AC remotes have Back-lighting functions and sleep buttons as well. Some air conditioner manufacturers provide a Clean and Reset button on the remote. The air conditioner remote Reset button is sometimes placed on the battery panel area. Flip-covered remotes give more protection than others to avoid accidental touches. Radium buttons on the air conditioner remote help us find it in the dark.  The AC remote is used to operate the air conditioner unit from a distance. The remote control is a convenient feature for the user. Now Remote control has advanced to include Bluetooth connectivity and motion sensors.

Sample Air Conditioner Remotes
Voltas AC Remote price350 Approx
Blue Star AC Remote price 320 Approx
Hitachi AC Remote price 450 Approx
Daikin AC Remote‘s price 300 Approx
Lloyd AC Remote price 480 Approx
Blue star AC Remote price 450 Approx
Samsung AC Remote price 450 Approx
Onida A/C Remote price 280 Approx
Godrej AC Remote’s price 300 Approx
Panasonic AC Remote price 350 Approx
Whirlpool A/C Remote price 350 Approx
Carrier A/C Remote price
  1. AC Remote repair is possible?

    In AC remote repair, the only possible Sensor bulb replacement is possible.

  2. In a Mobile camera, if the AC remote bulb does not blink, what does mean?

    First, check the battery, next to the rusted battery connections, and finally the remote sensor bulb.

  3. Replacement of the AC remote sensor bulb is possible.

    Replacement is possible if an AC remote sensor is available in the spare shop. Just one soldering touch is enough.

  4. Is the AC press button and board recoverable?

    I think no, buy a new one at that cost.

  5. How do I check my AC remote?

    As discussed above, just using your mobile phone is enough to check.

  6. How do I know if my AC remote is not working? How do you check if a remote is working?

    A simple sensor bulb check is enough to check if the AC remote is not working.

  7. How do I reset my AC remote?

    Most AC remotes have a small reset pin on the below buttons; some remotes have this option near the batteries.

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