TN EC View Online Download, Tamil Nadu Property Encumbrance Certificate at TNREGINET

Tamil Nadu EC Online view, Get TN Property Encumbrance Certificate from the web, TN Encumbrance Certificate (EC) Download process through the TNREGINET portal…

Encumbrance Certificate, EC is an important revenue document in the assessment of Encumbrance of properties. Now Tamil Nadu people can get EC (Encumbrance Certificate) for properties online at the portal. Here we discuss how to get Tamil Nadu EC Online.

TN EC View Online

Property Encumbrance Certificate is an essential document to get property past history and present situation of the property issued at the Sub Register office by paying a minimum fee. The online EC download process will ease the process of getting a Property Encumbrance position.

TN government offering Online EC for citizens through web portal. Please keep all details like survey number, address, and document number of the property to know Encumbrance details from the portal. The citizen can download Encumbrance Certificate from the Tnreginet portal without login.

TN EC View Online Download

Steps to download Tamilnadu EC Online

The process to get TN Property Encumbrance Certificate (EC) online download EC.

  • First Visit
  • The Web portal is available in Tamil and English languages. Select English languages if you don’t know Tamil.
  • To get online EC select the E-Services menu and Encumbrance Certificate in the menu.
  • Enter details of District, Zone and register office of the property belongs.
  • Select the date and year as per your requirements.
  • Enter genuine property Village, survey number, and Subdivision number to get TN EC.
  • Press Submit for search results.
  • Now you can get a TN Encumbrance Certificate for your entered details.

Most properties will have details from the year 1975 or 1983. EC for the last 30 years is the general requirement. This online EC download process is completely free of cost. This Document works for reference purposes only. For mortgage and loan documentation, you need to get a certified Encumbrance Certificate from the concerned registered office.