How to Unblock Your SBI ATM Card?

Unblock your blocked SBI ATM card instantly. Read about how to unblock your SBI debit card at the bank.

All banks Customers of State Bank of India (SBI) can also obtain credit and debit cards. For you to use this SBI Debit card, you need to have a secure PIN with you. If you enter the wrong PIN three times, the debit card will be blocked automatically. Sometimes, there are instances when you might decide to block the debit card by personal will if it gets lost or stolen. 

What if you would like to unblock your SBI Debit Card? Well, the SBI has also included service for this option to ensure account holders use the blocked ATM Debit card again.  To unblock your SBI Debit card, first, write down your account number, last four digits of the debit card, SBI CIF Number, Aadhar linked to the account, Mobile number, Photo ID and your signature registered in the bank.

Unblock SBI ATM Card

Unblock SBI ATM Card

With these details in place, follow the simple steps given below to unblock your SBI ATM Debit card and start using it for transactions;

  • Visit your nearest SBI branch and take the ATM Unblock Application form.
  • Correctly fill in the account details required. They include your Account Number, CIF Number and Last Four Digits of the Debit card.
  • Once you fill in all the account details, you need to sign the Unblock request application form. Don’t forget, to use the same signature you initially shared with the bank.
  • Attach your recent pass photo ID with the form before submitting the duly filled ATM card Unblock application form to the bank.
  • Your details will be verified before the ATM debit card is unblocked within 24 hours mostly.
  • You’ll receive an SMS update on your mobile once your debit card is unblocked. 

It is quite evident that unblocking your SBI ATM debit card is not going to take a toll on you. By following the above-given simple steps, you will complete the entire process easier.